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What does energy conservation have to do with being a mommy?

Energy Conservation = is a means of adapting the way you carry out your day-to-day activities, at work, rest and play. It also allows you to assess and adapt the environment in which you conduct these activities.

The aim of energy conservation is to improve your quality of life, by conserving your energy for the activities you “like to do” as well as those you “have to do”, within a safe and well structured environment.

(Taken from Breathe Easy - 2008)

So that applies to when you are a mommy as well!

General Principles of Energy Conservation

• Simplify tasks

• Organize work spaces to eliminate unnecessary bending, lifting, twisting, and carrying

• Roll or slide objects rather than carrying or lifting them

• Pace the day with frequent rest breaks. Rest while the baby sleeps. Rest before becoming overly fatigued.

• Sit instead of stand as sitting requires less energy.

• Use gravity-eliminated positions that require less energy expenditure.


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